Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer!!

I am SO excited that today is the official FIRST day of summer!! Even though it has clearly been summer in Phoenix for a while now. Luckily, my parents have a home in New Mexico, up in the mountains, where it is nice and cool. And THAT is where I am currently at. Sitting on the porch, in the wind. :)

Yesterday was what I like to call "summer school Friday," because we only go Monday - Thursday. It's great. My first Ooey Gooey science class {that consists of 3 kids, I might add} wanted to try out the Diet Coke and mentos experiment again because they thought they could get the bottle to launch like a rocket or something.. :) So I bought smaller bottles of Coke, and just got regular this time instead of diet {and HOPED that it would still work}. Lucky for me- it did. :)

Unfortunately for my students, it would not fly. Haha What they thought they would be able to do was hurry and put the mentos in, turn the bottle over, and have it shoot into the air like a rocket, but there was no time for any of that because right after the mentos hit the soda, it erupts {which I was real glad about.. :)}.

I hope you enjoy your first day of summer as much as I plan to! AND if you come back tomorrow, there may or may not be a post about homemade bouncy balls.. How enticing!! :)

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