Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ahhh!! and a little ooey gooey science!

Wellll, it's been about a week and I can't say I'm doing all too great at blogging.. ha. BUT, nevertheless, here I am. :)

First things first, I have 4 followers!! Wow! How does that even happen?? GRANTED, one of them is ME.. haha But it's still pretty awesome. I'm really excited about this whole blogging adventure!

Secondly, this summer {well, for the month of June} I am teaching enrichment summer school classes. Ooey Gooey Science and Itty Bitty Activity. Aka, fun summer school. I never dreamed that I would be such a master slime maker, but we've made A LOT over the last couple of weeks and both the kids and I LOVE it.

I found several different slime recipes on my quest for ooey gooey experiments, and this is what I found to work the best:

1/2 C. White Elmer's School Glue
1/2 C. Water
1 Drop of Food Coloring {"Oh, don't spill that! It will stain your skin.." "Oh great, now you tell me."}
2 TBSP Borax {Found in the laundry section of a store.. I got mine at Target :)}

We mushed all of the ingredients together in a quart size FREEZER bag {hopefully a little more spill/leak proof than non-freezer bags}, and then we went outside {food coloring & carpet- I've learned my lesson..}.

The kids LOVED it!! 1st - 5th grade. All of them. I mean, it's slime, who wouldn't?? Ha. :) 

I'm really excited that I'm such an expert now and that I can make some more with my class next year!! 

Well, tomorrow is Wednesday which means there are only 6 more days of summer school, and then it's SUMMER VACATION for me!! I can't wait! :)

Keep checking back for more fun science experiments/projects/activities {I can't decide what to call them..}!

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